CVIT 3-6

Children’s Visual Impairment Test for 3 to 6 year olds

About the test

General information

Cerebral Visual Impairmant (CVI) is a neurological condition that affects how visual information is processed in the brain, and may affect how objects are recognized, motion is perceived, ... . Based on the knowledge developed within the lab of Experimental Psychology (Prof. Dr. Johan Wagemans), and the clinical experience from the the Center of Developmental Disorders (Prof. Dr. Els Ortibus), we developed a series of subtests that each asses different aspects of visual information processing. Normative data was established by running the test in a large population of healthy children.


The test, as well as the accompanying questionnaire that is used in the CVI clinic, has been translated into Dutch and English. If the test could be useful to you in another language, you may express your interest in a translation using this form. Depending on the number of requests, other languages can be added in the future.


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People involved in test development